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JOB MARKET Ltd. is a Czech Human Resources Agency specialising in executive searches for clients in North Bohemian regions. All its activities are carried out on the basis of the Licence of the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Based on our know-how, knowledge of regions, experience and personal contacts with clients, we offer an assortment of Managers for all levels and positions as well as an assortment of Skilled Workers and Operations Staff for all professions. For foreign investors coming to the Czech Republic we offer our "Recruitment Project", solving all important questions related to Management and Operations staff recruitment.

We are proud that members of our team are very experienced and have spent many years in the field of human resource and staff training. Our advantage is that we are a local personnel agency situated in the North Bohemia, which is a highly industrialised region with very good labour force. We know the people living here, the atmosphere of this region and we know what the local people want and need. This is our strong respect.

In the field of Psychology we offer diagnostics of candidates in many ways and levels (capability for a job, testing of intellect capacity, IQ tests, etc.).

In the field of language skills we offer special courses in a number of levels focusing on managers and operations. We offer a complete services relating to document translations including legal documents. Another our important activity is focused on education. We have our own Computer Education Centre where we teach computer skills ( MS OFFICE, Internet, etc. )

All our clients are registered in a database controlled by special software. This software enables us to have not only a prompt access to all data including sorting, printing and comparison but it is a guarantee of a permanent contact with clients. Special care is paid to data security in accordance with the new Czech Act No.101/2000 Sb. All our staff works in compliance with this Act. Personal data needed for presentation of candidates are released to third parties only with the client's written consent. All PC electronic data are coded and protected by passwords.

Ing. František Mašek

Interview in English

Interview in English

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